Wondering what is available through government programs? Today we’ll learn to tap into the services available through St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE) and the Missouri Career Centers. We welcome back to GO! network two friends of the program , Bob Petrich and Frank Alaniz. With the new fiscal year for the State of Missouri, our presenters will address:

How can I determine what services I am eligible for through Slate/Career Centers?

If my unemployment benefits have expired, or I was not eligible for benefits, can SLATE or a Career Center still help me? If so, how?

What role does a career counselor play in my job search & what should I expect of them?

If I have a counselor that I enjoy working with, can I schedule appointments to meet with them specifically?

What is the status of WIA training funds?

Are there other training funds/programs that target a typical GO! Network member?

What online resources am I able to access through SLATE/Career Centers?

What is the job picture for the St. Louis region?

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