DEATH ROW & Other Journeys

“I am not an advocate of the death penalty. I do not even have an argument; I only have a story, the history of the barbarism of Nazi Germany. The argument that innocent men and women have been executed is, in my opinion, only a secondary one. A State should not be allowed—under any circumstance—to execute anyone for any reason. End of story.”
--Werner Herzog

In February 2007, Werner Herzog had a "discourse" -- as he calls them -- with Paul Holdengräber, entitled Was the 20th Century a Mistake? Five years later, the legendary director returns to discuss with Paul Holdengräber his most recent film, Into the Abyss, as well as his four-part television series, Death Row. Herzog will discuss his conversations with a death row inmate--who recently came within 23 minutes of execution--about The Epic of Gilgamesh (7th century BC) and the persecution of the Knights Templar (active from 1119-1314 AD). He will tell us how another prisoner decided to confess, on camera, to having committed two more murders. Other journeys will include the lost world of the Roraima Plateau, at the triple border between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, watching peregrine falcons through the eyes of English writer J.A. Baker (1926-87), deciphering Mycenaean linear B script (which predates the Greek alphabet by several centuries), and quite a few other rogue pursuits. Expect a conversation illustrated by abundant film clips and far-ranging readings and references.

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