Origins: Spring 2011
My Backyard by Ellie Parker
3:09, video

"The inspiration for this video came from my own backyard. I have lived in my house for most of my life and was able to see new and wonderful details within the foliage. This project truly allowed me to take a closer look into the environment I thought I knew so well. As I explored the intricacies of my garden, I began reading origin poems by Native Americans such as Luci Tapahanso and Sherman Alexie. Learning new things about my own beginnings enabled me to fully connect to those of the poets. I feel linked to these poets, as we all find peace and contentment in our own environments. Inspired by the origin poems, I decided to write my own. It is a reflective meditation on important memories of my childhood. These memories contain familiar sounds, stories, and imagery. These three elemental layers expressed in my project are not only bound to my origins, but to those of the Native Americans as well. This video serves as a bridge between two worlds. As one looks closer, however, these worlds aren't so different. I hope that by watching this video, my audience can also find a part of themselves—a part that binds all origin stories."

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