Filmed and edited by Dave Matthams (
Directed by Matt Cooper
Created by Spring Offensive

CAST: Matt Stokoe and Caitlin Ince
SUN WRANGLER: Rory Fraser-Mackenzie



You saw the clothes and instinctively called for me
You said it was far too cold to swim and he was too far out at sea
But I had the hands of a clock beating me
There was no time to deflate my evening with heroics like these
I don't know what came over me my friend
I know I said, 'he's not drowning but waving', but you would not relent
I know my hands are shaking but it's not cowardice again
That stopped me from jumping in
We're stood with water only up to our shins

There is a storm blowing in
Do I have to shoulder this one?
I you wade in, then I'll wade in,
Will I be blamed for this one?
A freezing mist comes rolling in,
I will be blamed for this one

I saw him first, beaten and broken by waves
Straight away, I knew you'd try and convince that he could be saved
So much to prove, you looked a state,
It's not my fault that you listened to me
When I told you that it was already too late

Afraid you'll turn on me and I'll go down for this

We're both to blame, you know it well
We'll have to shoulder this one
I wont tell, if you wont tell
We'll have to live with this one
A freezing mist comes rolling in
I will be blamed for this one

20/09/12 NLD Utrecht, Tivoli
21/09/12 DEU Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
22/09/12 NLD Zwolle, Hedon
24/09/12 NLD Heemskerk, Lokaal
25/09/12 LUX Luxembourg, Rockhal
26/09/12 BEL Leuven, Student Welcome Festival
27/09/12 BEL Korrijk, Den Trap
28/09/12 BEL Brussels, Mme Moustache
29/09/12 CH Geneva, La Graviere
30/09/12 CH Porrentruy, Secret Show
01/10/12 CH Bern, Ono
03/10/12 CH Baden, Merkker
04/10/12 CH Basel, Hinerhof
05/10/12 CH Zurich, Exil
06/10/12 CH Will, Gare De Lion
15/10/12 ITA Milan, Transito
16/10/12 ITA Trieste, Tetris
17/10/12 ITA TBC
18/10/12 DEU Munich, Feierwerk
19/10/12 DEU Freiburg, Raeng Teng Teng
20/10/12 DEU Stuttgart, Keller Klub
21/10/12 DEU Bedroom Disco Secret Show
22/10/12 DEU Dresden, Ostpol
23/10/12 DEU Leipzig, Theater Neues Schauspiel
25/10/12 DEU Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
26/10/12 DEU Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
27/10/12 DEU Berlin, Lido
02/11/12 DEU Berlin, Magnet
03/11/12 DEU Hamburg, Molotow
05/11/12 DEU Munster, Pension Schmidt
06/11/12 DEU Hannover, Glocksee
07/11/12 DEU Cologne, Stereo Wonderland
08/11/12 DEU Heidelberg, Haell
09/11/12 DEU Mainz, Schon Schoen


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