An office employee hands out suspicious treats to his coworkers, just what is his trick?

**WARNING** Contains Blood and Violence for Humorous Effect (It's a horror film)

I was coaxed into making this as the third installment of Halloween shorts for TakeZer0 ('08) by Sean and Peter. Although at first the idea for the plot was actually a joke, it shortly was developed into a narrative and the dialogue was decided to be mostly improvised. Two hours later, we had shot the film entirely and moved it to post.

Peter did a wonderful job making sense of my crazy vision and should be highly commended for his editing work on the film. If you notice slight changes in the video from watching it previously, that is because he actually went back and re-edited it recently (May 'O9) to give it some better pacing and color, what a nice guy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and find it to be another timeless halloween classic along with Alien vs. Predator (I'm kidding, as usual.)

Technicals: Shot with Sony PMW-EX1 and edited on Adobe CS4.

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