A Short video showing just what can be done in 24 hours. Leaving our programming expert Jay with a PufferSphere and some enthusiastic sound designers, or 'music hackers' in this case, both Tam Treanor and Yann Seznec created two very cool applications.

The first by Tam featured a spinning playhead, complete with momentum, which spun past recordable samples allowing the user to speed up or slow down the playback whilst also re-arranging the samples on the sphere to alter rhythm and overall sound.

The second application saw Yann create a tuned synthesizer on the sphere controlling the pitch with longditute movements. Yann also created a nice 2 second sampler which played back the last 2 recorded seconds whenever it was interacted with.

Thanks to the organisers of Music Hack Scotland (scotland.musichackday.org/2012/) and the hackers themselves Tam Treanor (tamtreanor.com) and Yann Seznec (luckyframe.co.uk)

All in all, a very productive 24 hours!

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