World Premiered at Southeast Asian Film Festival, Singapore Art Museum, 31/3/13 3pm.
Malaysian Premiere, 15/6/13 9pm
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Tukang Perahu Pulau Duyong (The Boatbuilders of Mermaid Island)
On Mermaid Island, Terengganu, several lives converge for their love and passion of the Malay traditional boatbuilding craft. A translator from France, a local historian, a former client from Germany, potential heirs of the craft and their skillful masters. This documentary takes us on a soulful journey through an oral history of a small community behind the traditions of boatbuilding.

written by Philip Cheah for Southeast Asian Film Festival 2013 catalogue:
The Boatbuilders of Mermaid Island takes as its subject seafaring vessels, which have the potential to traverse oceans. The craft of boatbuilding is also one that has developed and been transmitted over tens of decades. However, the directors have chosen to remain on the island and focus on a small number of its inhabitants who have made boats central to their lives. By doing this, they allow the power of the spoken word to be revealed.

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