This 1993 movie was an early experiment in filmmaking by Latino artists who met at the University of Texas at Austin. This was before the advent of digital video as a widespread medium, either in production or post-production. (It was made before wide use of cell phones, hence the many scenes with pay phones.)

This half-hour film was shot on 16mm, edited on analog 3/4 inch video tape, showed at some Latino film festivals, and then was LOST for over a decade. This version is based on a recently discovered VHS copy of a 45-minute rough cut. Unfortunately, the original material was not available. We did not have the luxury of choosing better cuts. And some of the early cross-fades could not be undone.

It's clear from the surviving footage that the filmmakers had access to a decent sync camera for only one-weekend (maybe even one-day). And they used a low quality non-sync camera for the rest of the film. Sometimes the picture is nice and the sound is in-sync. Sometimes, in the same scene, the two cameras were used and the color does not match (white walls later become yellow walls) and sync-sound doesn't work well. Some scenes just would NOT sync image and sound period (and it shows).

This film used ALL ORIGINAL music -- good quality stuff from San Antonio musicians. But some of it could not be cleanly pulled from the surviving VHS two-track mono copy. We salvaged what we could but we had to add one bit of music we created from GarageBand for this version.

And yet, despite all this, a remarkable little film remains. It is a rare window into bilingual Tex-Mex vernacular culture.


P.S. - "Sueño" for the bilingually challenged means "Dream." A literal translation would be "The Dream of Simon." Applying Spanish grammar, "El Sueño de Simón" more properly translates into "Simon's Dream."

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