The FAMM HS – or Fully Automatic Mounting Machine – High Speed is the latest addition to AV Flexologic’s series of high-end mounting machines.

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This machine is essentially a robotic mounter which mounts flexo plates onto cylinders or sleeves fully automatically. The name ‘high speed’ is not given to it for nothing; this machine can mount a plate every 90 seconds continuously 24/7. The machine is equipped with a carousel which can hold 8 cylinders or sleeves. Operator intervention is minimal, only for loading and unloading the carousel every 12 minutes and putting plates on the conveyor belt. 750 plates can be mounted every 24 hours with a total operator attendance time of under 4 hours during the whole 24 hours. It is needless to say what this machine can do for your overall prepress efficiency.

The amazing specifications of the machine do not stop at the speed – it can position a plate down to 0.007mm or 0.0003 inch thanks to the FAMM’s patented image recognition system with which it can recognize and measure the positions of the mounting marks. A digital quality check is done after mounting to ensure the plate is mounted to within ± 0.050 mm from the intended programmed position on the cylinder or sleeve.

Mounting of the plates is done with high resolution image recnition camera's, a robotic manipulator and a pressure roller, the same way a is done on the FAMM for wider web flexible packaging. The FAMM HS prototype is in the last phase of testing and new machines can be delivered before end of 2012.

AV Flexologic has sold many FAMM's for flexible packaging worldwide. Contact us for more information (

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