This is John Vietnam's performance at Power in Numbers 3 at Alternatives on August 18th, 2012. Me and him were tag-teaming the video footage for the day and I'm so thankful I caught his amazing performance.

I knew John through Connect Force. I was deeply moved by the short time I was in contact with him. His presence, demeanor, energy, mission, and spirit radiated in a 50 foot radius. When talking to him, I always felt a great amount of true love and respect from him. He made it known we were family and that meant a lot. His way of communicating with people felt like the naked and honest truth at all times. It is an amazingly comforting feeling to feel that whoever you are communicating with is giving you their honest self and not BS. This was John to me.

I love this video because you can see and hear many of his peers and mentors in it. I can see Jezi jamming hard, Steve standing proud of John, Maya's huge smile glowing, Freddy in awe, Mike Spex feelin it, and Jacinda's loving cheers. At certain parts of the song I would peek over and Jacinda would be so into I thought she was gonna jump on the stage and hug him. You could feel how proud important people in his life/growth were. It was a special moment. He moved the crowd.

You are missed John
Thank you


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