This video is about bringing water into a shelter and some of the ways that is accomplished. The water ram is explained. Lighting in the shelter was creative, since the generators were down at the time of filming. We used car headlights attatched to batteries. The yellow Lab. in the series of videos is 'Jemma'.
The entire list of Ark Two videos available is on
Applied for permission to use R.E.M. music

Ark Two is a 10,000 sq. ft. nuclear fallout shelter in Canada.
Built by Bruce Beach in the 80's, composed of concrete,
42 school buses & buried under ground,
it may be the largest privately constructed Doomsday shelter in the world.

This series of videos are to pass on useful knowledge to others,
about shelters, survival, radiation etc.

Ark Two is now on facebook:

For information about Ark Two or the SAFE organization go to;

The purpose of the Ark Two SAFE Community is to prepare
for the catastrophe of a nuclear war or other world-wide
cataclysmic catastrophe & to help reconstruct society after.

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