This is the working prototype of a new way to interact with your windows and tasks - through a "multi-touch navigation display." The demo reel shows off what works already, while the web site shows a few ideas of what could be done. Multi-touch technology offers some exciting benefits (direct manipulation) but has some drawbacks (minimal touch feedback, imprecise, viewing angle/ergonomics) that can hinder it. I've combined, in this interface design, a standard computer workstation and the applications you're used to, with the keyboard, mouse, and vertical monitor that work well, with the possibilities for high-level manipulation on the multi-touch screen.

I produced the multi-touch software shown as a part of my senior capstone project in computer science at St. Norbert College . Tactus-Navigator is a multi-touch window/application navigator (like your taskbar or dock) that uses a multi-touch display added to your workstation as a secondary display (rather than the only interface to the computer).

I also designed and built the rear DI-based multi-touch desk used in this demo as a part of the project. I'll have a demo reel (of pymt example applications) showcasing the hardware on Vimeo as well.

More information and code can be found at the web site:

Supporting software: Ubuntu Linux 9.04, tbeta (responsible for the calibration screen seen in the first video scene), pymt, libwnck, Python, and my own rp-mt-scripts system for installing multi-touch software on Linux.

Obligatory spacey chillout background music: Tunguska Electronic Music Society, used under CC "Attribution" -

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