The Sony FS700 was delivered at Novus Pictures a few days back as a part of our rental lineup . Decided to take it out for a little stroll and some plant nurseries near by seemed like a good place .
Please keep in mind this is my first time shooting something be kind :P . The FS700 and the Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.4 was my gear for the day , i forgot what a pain it is to shoot without the tripod (Miller Compass 15 will be delivered soon ).Didn't play around with the settings at all . So this is practically out of the box and that can be seen in some shots .

As it was a cloudy day, getting the exposure right was a difficult because the lighting kept changing every 2 mins. It was cloudy one moment,raining the next and suddenly sunshine out of no where , which is visible in the shots . Since i did not have my Vari ND with me , the ND filters onboard the camera proved to be very helpful indeed . All in all it was a good experience shooting with the camera .

This video is by no means to showcase the abilities of this camera . Please check out the films by more experienced filmmakers like Philip Bloom , among others on Vimeo to get a proper idea of what this camera can do .
I will be shooting some proper test footages of the FS700 in the coming days .

Sony FS700 & C/Y Zeiss 50mm f1.4
Edit and rough CC in Adobe Premiere CS5 .
Music Hanna's theme (vocal version) by The Chemical Brothers


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