This weeks documenta visitor is Tibetan Loten Namling. met him for a spontaneous concert at Karlsaue garden in Kassel. We talked about documenta, his art and Tibet. From September 12th till the end of d13 Namling is visitting Kassel for a concert at the St. Familia church in Kölnische Straße Kassel (Sept. 14th 8pm).

Loten Namling is a noted Tibetan, 1963 Dharamsala-born singer, musician artist, entertainer and cartoonist currently mainly living in exile in Switzerland. He is working on his innovative project, 'Tibet Blues', in which he explores new paths linking the songs to contemporary culture.

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama once called Loten 'a singer with a great voice and strong body'.

Based in Switzerland, the artist has traveled worldwide with his Tibetan lute, singing the songs of the 6th Dalai Lama, Milarepa, as well as other traditional songs of Tibet, and his own songs. From Kalmykia to Korea to Wales to USA, Namling has performed worldwide, telling stories about his life, connecting songs of the past to the reality of the present, and inviting his audience on a deceptive journey through the landscape of Tibetan spirituality.

On 2012-05-16, Namling started what he called A Journey for Freedom – One Man, One Path, Free Tibet. He walked (with interruptions) from Swiss capital Bern to Geneva, dragging a black coffin around, which was inscribed "Free Tibet" in order to attract attention to the Tibetan's worsening situation. Arriving on July 8, he performed with some 15 more musicians, amongst them renowned Swiss band The Young Gods whose singer Franz Treichler had strongly supported the artist's action and had organized the performance on Place des Nations, in front of Geneva UN headquarters.

Filmed with the Sony FS700

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