INVIEW labs' BIMAdvent division leads the way in consulting manufacturers with their BIM needs.

AEC professionals have two options when designing on a BIM platform; the use of generic content elements or the use of more detailed manufacturer based content elements, if they exist. Designers and constructors greatly prefer manufacturer based content as it leads to the most accurate representation of their design. As BIM is a developing technology, however, there is a lack of available manufacturer based content across the industry. Designers are often required to specify, by default, those few manufacturers offering quality BIM content. In the future BIM world, manufacturers who provide the best BIM content will be the clear preferred choice.

Our goals are to create lightweight file sizes, parametrically powerful, metadata packed, and intuitive models that work not only for the design community, but can provide value for the contractor and ultimately the owner/facility management team.

We assist manufacturers with developing a BIM implementation strategy that can aid them in winning new projects. Call us today to find out more 702.527.6460 or visit

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