Hey there,

we are Daniel Demmel and Pascal Raabe from the London studio of ustwo™ and this is our speaker pitch for the IxDA 13 conference.

Session outline

1. Technological context – a brief history of personal computing, peripherals and mobile devices
2. Smartwatch / wearable personal device platform design specifics
3. Where does this lead us – the next big step towards transhumanism
4. Case studies, dos and don’ts

Session abstract

As we are reaching the point now that smartphones are a staple of modern life and 3G internet access is much more affordable, these devices are becoming the new PCs. Wearable technology is quickly becoming more than colourful LEDs on catwalks leveraging the connectivity of the smartphone. The latest boom trend is smartwatches with for example the Pebble reaching a record $10.3m on Kickstarter from almost 69000 backers, promising a healthy ecosystem from the start.

So what does this new platform mean for interaction design? How can we make the best use of these tiny screens? What is the technological context, what are the interesting parallels with the PC ecosystem we could learn from? What kind of sociological implications does the emergence of these personal devices have, as we’re inevitably going down the route of transhumanism and technological singularity?

These are the questions we will try to answer, presenting the results of both our research / thinking around the bigger issues and a good bunch of case studies from our workshops designing apps / services around smartwatches.

Who we are

Daniel is an experience design technologist and visual developer, being just as passionate about test driven development as user-centered design. He holds a degree in economics but got drawn into the world of design and development when Photoshop was at 6.0 and Flash was at 5. Lately he's been working on HTML applications in which he sees great potential. In his free time he's also hacking electronics to make them part of the Internet of Things, though with varying success.

Pascal trained as a printer and has a degree in graphic design but his real passion is UX. Working as an interaction designer at ustwo™ he's passionate about shaping the future through meaningful design across disciplinary boundaries.

What is ustwo™

ustwo™ is a digital design studio that delivers pioneering user experiences as digital partner to the world’s leading brands. We’re boldly independent, serving our global client base from our studios in London, Malmö and New York. Driven by our ‘love digital’ mission, we specialise in interaction & user interface design, app development and digital entertainment. We design multi-platform experiences across mobile, tablet, TV and beyond across a range of markets including mobile, consumer electronics, retail, entertainment, medical and financial.

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