Help Berias and Kyborg link to cultures through music.

“On my way home” is a music and film project to be undertaken by Newcastle based artists Berias Masseque and Ky Fisher.

Berias plans to return to his homeland of Mozambique with Australian, Ky who will record the experience. The film will begin in Newcastle and their three week journey will be represented through Berias’ original song “On my way home”.

While in Mozambique they will visit the capital, Maputo and the city of Xai-Xai. There they will both perform and work with children in schools and orphanages with an optimistic and positive approach. They will donate all the money they earn performing to those orphanages.

Back in Australia the film will be used to promote their music and a broader cultural understanding of life in Africa. Mozambique will also be revealed to Australians as a possible destination for work and pleasure.

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