4MATIONMEDIA's Un-Official Video of WEKEAST

A new venue to the East continued the Wekfest movement across the country to showcase what the East Coast had to offer for the car community. Finishing up Wekfest LA, the crew ventured off to the East where they were able to experience what type of heat we can bring. Definitely one of the best shows I've been to in a while, I was lucky enough to get some footage from the event although it was sometimes difficult from the immense amount of people. With huge crowds brings a huge turn out, right? As always, I did what I could and here's the outcome. Hopefully you all enjoy.

To the weksos crew, amazing job with the event over on the East Coast and I'm hoping you all got the love you deserve from taking Wekfest to the other side of the country. Please come back next year :)

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Sway ft Kelsey - Level Up

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