A lost film from 2010; finally sees some form of light. But it’s far from the original vision back in August 2010. If anything, this cut is hopefully better than the original…

Now this was one of the hardest film I had yet to make. I wanted to make my 3rd film much bigger and much better than anything else. Call it ego, call it cocky, call me stupid. I enlisted a huge cast of people to help me out. I even wrote an epic 15 page script, hoping to edit it down to an 8 minute film to submit to the 48 hour film project.

I was excited and pumped to put out a kick ass film, until a brick wall, dump truck, broken mirror, and a black cat fell on top of me. The film was a complete failure due to weather and other Murphy Laws that went into effect which cause me to eat the competition deadline by forcing me to recut the shot footages to be completely different from the original story.

Film remained buried since after in 2010...

So here I am, mid-2012 and I’ve decided to bring this out. Why? Because I needed some closure on this. Everyone spent so much time on this that I felt compel to at least put something out. I didn’t want them to feel that it was all for nothing. And it was my way of saying ‘thank you for volunteering your time for a production that didn’t go anywhere’. Trust me, I felt really bad. My guess, they probably thought I let them down.

Today, looking back now, after cutting this “commentary” clip, I still feel that this script still has potential.

I still think if I were to attempt a 3rd time at remaking this, I might be able to do it right… after all, what are the 3 lessons learned here?

1. Organization is very critical.
2. Team work is very important. I am not Rambo. So definitely, I would need a team to help me on production.
3. Equipment Check! ALWAYS!!!

But right now, I don’t have any plans just yet. Not even sure if I want to attempt it really. For now, at least this version is out there and not sitting in an archive on my computer. So enjoy this film, warts and all.

Let me know what you think. Worthy of a complete re-boot and re-make?


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