Thinking they were going to Noly's audition before heading out to the Chargers v. Cowboys pre-season football game, Amy instead gets a surprise marriage proposal.

After meeting each other 10 years ago (together for 5 years and recently back together after being apart for 4-5 years), Noly decides it's time to ask Amy to marry him. He was signed to an independent record label when he first met Amy. She worked as the street team / marketing coordinator for his album, and he wanted to come full circle with music since that's how they met.

He sets the scene by telling her that he's auditioning to be a background singer for Jordin Sparks's and got the opportunity through their friend Mike, Jordin Sparks's drummer. That's what made the story believable to Amy. Being a supportive girlfriend, Amy sits in the front row of the C3 Performing Arts Center during his performance. As Noly sang, Amy doesn't notice that her loved ones were slowly filling in the seats around her to witness this special moment.

Amy notices that there are more people in the audience around her and that they're people she knows and loves, some of them from as far away as Washington state. She starts to put the pieces together and realizes that this isn't just a simple audition. Finishing his song, Noly reveals that he wrote it especially for her, something she's been wanting him to do all these years. Amy, can't contain her tears when Noly pops the question and she heartily says yes.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple Amy and Noly!!!

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