I built this "projected Rear DI" multi-touch device in the course of my senior project at St. Norbert College, to support software that I wrote to manage tasks. Many hours of construction by myself and my family went into this device, and the results are pretty great. These demos are example software that come with my selected multi-touch framework, PyMT, which has my highest recommendation as easy-to-use, smart multi-touch widget and event software.

Enjoy these fun little demos! My original software is demoed here: vimeo.com/4859825

More information about the hardware: compsci.snc.edu/cs460/pavlra/hardware/desk1/

Supporting software: Ubuntu Linux 9.04, tbeta, pymt, Python, and my own rp-mt-scripts system for installing multi-touch software on Linux.

Obligatory spacey chillout background music: Tunguska Electronic Music Society, used under CC "Attribution" - jamendo.com/en/album/35205

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