Show Notes with Links:
Show Notes:

You are NOT the tool that you use - @Matt Beran
Are you living in an ITSM bubble, People don’t’ talk like this.
iGoogle is not my home screen, my MOBILE device is my HOME screen
Episode 94 with Kim Stevenson CIO from Intel
Can C-Level Exec Innovate?
Intel supports 30K employee owned devices
HDI Conference 2012
Lisa Lyons from Pink Elephant (Be where the “checkbooks” are)
Chris Dancy leaves ServiceNow and heads to BMC
Matt Neigh at Cherwell Software
Zendesk, UserVoice culture in other companies
The ITSM TV interview
Gartner Inc the officially meeting with Chris at BMC
The Future of IT Support is Location Aware Technology – Gartner Research
IT Support is all about Location Blog
Zendesk benchmark (Your Help Desk vs Others)
Google bug finders fee 10K dollars
Ifttt the social knowledge locker automation tool
WEMO device
Google Nexus Context Computing (The Video)
“I want someone to listen to me all the time and offer me advice, Isn’t that why people get married?”
Chris’s SLA for COMM channels.
itSMF Fusion 12
I reject YOU Doug Tedder!
itSFM USA looking for Helpers for Social Media
Klout isn’t the problem, it’s the SLA on your self-esteem
Rob England and Klout
G2G3 hates Klout
Empire Avenue
itSMF Australia
Pink 2013
Wendy Lea, CEO of Get Satisfaction, the podcast visit
People Help Desk vs Get Satisfacton
Charles T. Betz (Smartest Person on the planet)
When surveying IT professionals, NO ONE knows they exist…stop surveying the bubble.
SIM (Society for Information Management)
How to kill a survey in 2 simple steps
Webform OCD is crippling the world.
“Google can drive me to work, but I can’t get a web form filled out.”
People don’t RESPECT other peoples time
You are not going to win a car from the mall, just invite DEATH into your house.
IT doesn’t need marketing….Marketing is so bad, IT should run from it.
Microsoft Office 365 Support Sucks, except for this one person I met
Support works when you surrender to allow yourself to be helped
Footprints People, from BMC
We need a Zappos Scandal, Customer Centricity changes NOTHING.
EDICT 9: Social media – the ultimate privacy tool
You are augmented on a level that is NOT human in social media.
Personal space vs Digital Space
Sophie Klossner the Human or the Digital Digizen
I don’t even follow myself on twitter.
The Greatest Machine That Never Was: John Graham-Cumming at TEDxImperialCollege
Be Overwhelmed, the Hope of Technology
Who’s working where…..

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