"If we as a society, are not willing to talk about this issue, are we really failing our children?" - Lorreta Merritt, LLB



[00:00:05.00] Introduction (Who do you normally represent?)
[00:00:37.10] Do you ever represent natural, foster, or adoptive parent(s)?
[00:01:43.10] How does the court define "negligence"?
[00:02:22.18] Do you have to prove the CAS was negligent?
[00:04:37.25] How do you prove fault?
[00:07:16.17] Is the CAS contracting out to group homes to avoid being sued?
[00:08:58.24] How does the law apply if other children (in a group home) abused the survivor?
[00:10:16.11] If a file has been sealed for 20 years, or the CAS claims there is no file, can a survivor still sue?
[00:11:08.26] How much money can a survivor sue for?
[00:15:00.18] Is it harder to sue the CAS if the child was damaged before they went into care?
[00:15:28.19] Is it worthwhile for an abuse survivor to sue for damages?
[00:16:56.29] Are gag orders normally part of the settlement?
[00:18:46.04] Do the claims cost tax payers when the CAS loses?
[00:20:46.29] Would you encourage kids - teens or young adults - to sue?
[00:22:30.25] What if a survivor can't afford a lawyer?
[00:23:08.15] How do you know if it's "a strong case" ?
[00:24:06.26] If the abuse happened in a foster home does that mean you can't sue the CAS?
[00:24:42.28] Is there a statute of limitations?
[00:28:02.10] Final thoughts...

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