Directed by Bernd Faszl & Matthias Heschl
Cut by Susanne Einzenberger


Mum, please sit down, would you mind taking a seat?
Over the last few months I lost the ground beneath my feet. But now I see everything from another point of view,
so here is my avowel, my confession to you.
I’ve never been a part of something, drank to comfort myself Seperated as an outlaw trying to be somebody else
I remember getting drunk for the first time and since ever then the nights keep getting longer, never been sober again.
Cause while booze calmed down my pain-­‐inked soul it changed from good to the bad to the out of control

I awake after days of drinking, my bloodshed eyes keep me thinking And while my hands start shaking I regret decisions I’ve been making. Hurt too many feelings now this is as good as it gets.
For you I’ll change completely, just coffee and cigarettes.

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