Selects from a music video I DP'd. These are just some of the dailies and NOT the final video, nor are the dailies cut to the actual song. Shot mainly in 60fps with a few shots at 120fps and 240fps. The Director, Sun-Ho Pak, wanted to use slow motion since the song is very slow, atmospheric and meandering.

I think a lot of FS700 videos on Vimeo have just showed the gimmicky side of Slow Motion - Pies in the face, lots of water and smoke, people jumping off swings = gratuitous slow motion. I wanted these selects from a project in progress to show how useful slow motion can be to convey emotion, a mood or advance an idea. When used correctly, slow motion is a very powerful visual tool. And that is why the FS700 is so awesome.

Aside from the obvious slider and crane shots, this video was shot entirely handheld, no rig, no EVF, just using what is on the camera. The FS700 is a GREAT camera for shooting bare bones handheld IF the Loupe has been shortened. DON'T listen to people who tell you the ergonomic suck because they probably have not worked with the camera much. They are not bad at all, and this camera is actually very good for barebones hand held work. Much better than any DSLR at least.

Shot on the FS700 using Cinema Gamma 1. Knee 105, Slope +2, detail -4, color mode Cinema and the other settings were mostly stock. Canon L and Zeiss ZF lenses and well as a Metabones I adapter. Cool Lights Porta Flos and Lowel Pro lights.

No grading, straight from the camera

Talent: Coral Michaels
Director: Sun-Ho Pak
Producer Sarah Jung
AD: Steven Michaels
DP: Gene Sung
AC: Connor Gilmore
Song by: The Album Leaf - Twenty Two Fourteen

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