COLLAPSE is a tangible media player that interacts with the objects placed over the glass. Every object, named 'lapse', is a simple piece of wood with an icon that identifies a particular music genre. The software, developed in VVVV, recognizes via REACTIVISION the presence of the 'lapses' and reproduces the music-playlist selected. Just choose a music genre, take the right lapse and put over the glass. The user can change the song by rotating the 'lapse' , change the volume with the 'mainlapse' or reproduce the songs contained into an external device (like USBkey, ipod ecc...). COLLAPSE is cool for parties, live events, music festivals, pubs and lounge bar.

Adding a projector, it can reproduce also video files projected where needed and allow the user to control the animation itself (animation type, colour,effects, animations position/mapping directly via the position and rotation of the 'videolapses').

COLLAPSE is going to be a collective tangible DJ/mixing station....
for updates and software download.

the credits of the songs belong to their rightful owners
Sky Sailing - A Little Opera Goes A Long Way
Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone
Carl Perkins - Blue suede shoes

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