Meguro Fudoson is a nickname of the temple for Tendai Buddhism. Its formal name is Taieizan Ryusenji Temple. It is one of the top five Fudos in Edo. It was named after the main image Achala's black eyes. Some people believe that Meguro, the area name, was also named after Achala. It was founded in 808 by a Japanese Buddhist priest Jikaku Daishi aka Ennin(794-864).
The main hall was burned in 1615, but Iemitsu Tokugawa rebuilt it in 1624, after which it became prospered under the protection of Tokugawa Shogunate.

Take in the Divine Water at Meguro Fudoson from the mouth of a dragon that emanates from a spring that has be active for over 1,200 years. Although a sign warns that the water is not potable, many local residents use it for making tea or cooking. The spring is located on the grounds of the Ryusenji Temple in Meguro Ward.

In the precinct of Meguro Fudoson flows the Tokko Waterfall, which sprang out of the spot where Jikaku Daishi threw his tokko (a tool for priests) to decide the location of the temple. The temple name “Ryusen (waterfall and spring)” is said to be originated in this episode. It is believed that one can be cured of a disease if he stands under the waterfall. As symbolised with the Fudo (god of fire) statue standing by, the water which drops out of dragons mouth is characterised as divine.

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