Click3x hosted a party at SXSW this year and asked anyone who was interested in the company to create animations for screens that would be located throughout the party space. The only rules were that the animation was short and ended up on 1 of 3 logos that related to Click3x. These were the Click3x logo itself (the whole company), the ClickFire Media logo (interactive dept.) and the Heard City logo (Click3x's audio partner).

I got the ClickFire Media logo to work with as I'm in that dept. at Click3x. I decided to go abstract with mine and focus on getting to try out some plugins and 3d techniques I'd been wanting to experiment with. It was a fun side project and it was nice not to have to work with client limitations. My talented friend Aaron Rutledge mixed up some awesome audio for the piece and it really brings it all together.

Programs used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Music: Magic Hat by Aaron Rutledge

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