by Nava Frenkel and Nevo Romano
with Nevo Romano and Maya Dunietz
Produced by Search Engine Group, Israel 2011

This is a solo piece on the language of the body as it comes into contact with itself and with the 'other'.

Through the system of images, which include a beating heart and a duplicate head, we go through a process of emptying out. The performer places around him, or among the viewers, what he removes from himself. The work makes complete concrete use of such verbal metaphors as 'heart beats', and the 'last breath' – everything is offered to us, everything may be given as a gift (the heart, the great excitement, the breath taken away).

The result of this economy is unavoidable, and love remains stipulated. Once we recognize this, we can mourn our love, which died out despite all our efforts. The magic faded away. All we can offer now is the farewell, turning our departure too into a 'gift'.

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