Water Lilly is the first preliminary prototype of a series of intelligent architecture components called “smart creatures”. These components are conceived to be used in the near future to populate building surfaces enhancing sustainable behaviours.

Acting as a photo bio reactor, Water Lilly creates the conditions for growing phototropic organisms (phytoplankton, micro algae) in a biologically active controlled environment. Being a dynamic thermal mass, the water based bio-solution contained in the pipes of the system can interact with the hvac systems of the building by carrying heat or cool temperature from one side to the other. Feed with light, mineral salts and carbon dioxide, the algae grow into a bio-mass than can then be treated to create bio-fuel. The system at work offers the possibility of an extra-ordinary green night enlightment, while giving its contribution to carbon dioxide absorbtion from the environment.

As a smart creature, Water Lilly has a nervous system composed of sensors, control boards and activators connected with electrical wires to map the environment conditions around her. Her metabolism is socially sensitive. She reacts to people presence and movement, boosting or slowing down her activity accordingly. She loves company, and when a few Water Lilly get together in the same environment, they begin to communicate by sharing data, creating the conditions for a connective intelligence based on open knowledge sharing.

conceived and designed by Cesare Griffa with Massimiliano Manno, Denise Giordana, Federico Borello
fabricated @ Fablab Torino, powered by Officine Arduino
special thanks to Franco Magni, Davide Gomba, Enrico Bassi, Federico Vanzati, Gabriele Ricchiardi, Federico Rizzo, Marco Caprani, Francesco Puccio, Stefano prds, Marco, Juan Carlos Osorio, Federico Del Gaudio

Th entire project is avilable under a Creative Commons license on cesaregriffa.com/waterlilly/

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