From Educational Theatre Company (ETC), highlights of Q&A from all three casts shedding light on our 3-site residency in 2012, 'Tales from the Creative Age,' at Madison Community Center, Aurora Hills Community Center, and AHC residence Hunter's Park at Cherrydale.

Several community members, including the performers you see here, met with ETC teaching artists in weekly sessions for three months, reading in character from dramatic and poetic texts--from Aristophanes to Arthur Miller.

Sessions featured short lectures and video clips providing historical context, and especially drawing out themes from each play. Participants were then prompted share their own views and personal narratives related to those themes. They were fearless and generous in their participation in these sometimes humorous, often intimate, always illuminating conversations.

ETC's artists recorded their responses and devised a new dramatic text combining fragments of the plays we read with the brilliant original reflections and reminiscences they had inspired in the cast. The script anonymized the true-life stories by changing names and other details, and the casting often placed the words of one cast member in another's mouth.

Our Creative Age playwrights / actors then rehearsed and performed the new creation as a staged reading, sometimes performing their own stories, and sometimes speaking the words of their fellow cast members, furthering the group bond and group ownership of the extraordinary dialogue that passed between us over the weeks. The other Creative Age episodes here at Vimeo feature their three performances. Contact ETC for copies of the scripts!

Founded in 1998 with a primary focus on drama programs for children and teens, ETC expanded programming to include 55+ adults in 2009, and since then has worked in several public and private sites, creating multiple models along the way, for adults ages 55 to 100+, in assisted living, independent living, community centers and continuing education programs in DC and Virginia.

The Creative Age residencies were made possible by a single grant from the Arlington Commission for the Arts, Virginia Commission of the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.

Find out more about supporting ETC's continuing Creative Age residencies in this and other centers--perhaps even your own! -- at

ETC was selected for the 2012/13 Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington
as “One of the best small charities in the Greater Washington region.”

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