500 Channels, 10,000 Streaming Movies and Shows, and you think nothing’s on? There is now.

Introducing NextGuide.
NextGuide is a “hyper-personalized” guide for streaming and live TV that helps answer the question “what should I watch next?” and transforms the way you discover TV shows and movies for viewing either on the TV or on your iPad™. More info at nextguide.tv

Live TV Combined With Streaming Services and iTunes
NextGuide combines listings from any live TV service with movies and TV shows that can be found and played on Netflix and iTunes, with rich searching capability, alerts, and one-click watching.

NextGuide lets you create a category about anything; from your favorite actor to your hometown, to your favorite sports team. All in addition to typical genres or categories like Comedy, Drama, etc. NextGuide alerts you when what you care about is on TV including your favorite actors, bands, teams, live concerts, sporting events, interviews, appearances and more.

Record on your home DVR
NextGuide also gives DIRECTV customers with a DVR the ability to initiate recordings onto their home DVR for timeshifted viewing.

Alerts and Reminders
NextGuide searches all your media sources to find where your favorite shows are on air and online, and lets you set up custom alerts and reminders. NextGuide automatically alerts you to new shows and season premieres across all networks so you won’t miss a moment of the things you want to see.

Intuitive Experience
NextGuide creates a mosaic, tiled experience built out of TV shows and movies relevant to you, and is designed specifically for the iPad. Each screen represents a category, such as Comedy or Drama, and users simply slide from screen to screen to browse listings. NextGuide puts all your favorite channels into a single view, escaping the “grid” with rich box art and easy manipulation of content (to easily add or remove shows that are not of interest).

Social Discovery
The app also has powerful social features, and uses a person’s Facebook friends’ interests and their own profile to make recommendations. NextGuide automatically finds the TV shows and movies your friends watch, without having to remember things or write them down.

Admit it: you’ve always wanted a sherpa for your TV shows…

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