Seattle artists, Joe Nix, Jeff 'Weirdo' Jacobson and Chris Word present the teaser for the short film, "Gateway 2012". In the film we explore the process of creating the beautiful mural in Nashville, TN. Special thanks to the Kohler Family for inspring and hosting such an amazing project. Set in the town of Belle Meade, this project explores art in seemingly unlikely places - each person taking away a meaning all their own.
The full film is in the final stages of post production and is due to be released very soon.
Featuring music by Fly Moon Royalty, Miles Freeborn, Al Tompkins and Chris Word
Teaser Credits:
Mural by Joe Nix and Jeff 'Weirdo' Jacobson
Video by Chris Word
Edited by Chris Word
Co-Editors - Joe Nix, Jeff 'Weirdo' Jacobson
Music by Al Tompkins and Chris Word
Gateway 2012.

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