Generative Design Talk that we gave at the CampusParty 2012 in Berlin.
This is a visually enhanced version of the talk available at which is also blocked in Germany. Sorry for the still bad audio quality.
Generative design methods have found their way into the everyday life of designers and now represent a serious design discipline. The programming language Processing allows users to create new imagery and interaction concepts. Whether using it for print, web, film or interactive installations, creative coding is used not only for artistic experimentation but also commercially for brand communication, corporate designs, data visualization and intuitive interfaces. The lecture "Generative Design" given by Cedric Kiefer, part of onformative a design studio specialized in generative design, picks up where experimental efforts end and the applied usage of generative design begin. Using practical examples, he explains how generative design methods can be used effectively and efficiently and how they can change the design process. He also gives a short insight to the "Generative Design" book, which will be published in English in October.
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