Filmed and edited by Kelly Schiller and Camilo Plata for the Shuar Community, Fundecoipa, and the Eckerd College volunteers. It was guided and viewed by an Anthropology and Film Class taught by Ashley Spalding.

Our goal was to produce a film that documents the service exchange between Eckerd College students and the Shuar. We intended to highlight the nature of service as a mutual giving and receiving experience for both parties. We hope the film accurately represents the perspectives of both. We hope everybody enjoys it. Please let us know how we can improve the film, or what you like about it. Thank You!

Due to the student nature of the project and the lack of anthropological credentials, this is not an official "ethnographic film".

We required written permission from the Shuar Community and the Eckerd College Volunteers to participate in the film.

A note on the subtitles: Read quickly. Some may be fast. We translated the English into Spanish so the Shuar can also enjoy the film. For several of the Spanish translations, we did not change the original syntax. For many of the Shuar, Spanish is their second language and their sentence structure is sometimes different. We felt it would be inappropriate to change the mixed Shuar/Spanish grammar to english grammar.

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