In 1930, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti declared an end to the ubiquitous food staple of Pasta. For Marinetti and the cohort of Futurists- Pasta entailed an adherence to tradition and a blockage to the potential of the future. The subsequent 1932 publication of the Futurist Cook Book, detailed with meticulous precision banquets and dinners for a new generation of eaters and citizens. The objective of the Futurists sought to renovate every aspect of life; transforming the quotidian towards the progression of the future, the cookbook would ultimately challenge the sacrosanctity of pasta within the everyday of Italian life and throughout the world. But would we want to give hearty carbs for the Futurists?

Mitch Orr, lauded as one of Australia’s brightest young chefs- Orr’s recent creation takes the form of a six-course pasta degustation at Buzo Trattoria, located in Woollahra, Sydney.
A process of manipulating tradition and terroir, Orr’s culinary expression draws inspiration from his professional training in Italian cuisine without being restricted by it. Orr presents a progressive futurist vision for the food scene in Sydney.
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