Indigenous Anti Violence Campaign – Grampians Region Victoria

4 Televison Ads designed by Wayne Tindall for Indigenous Communities in the Grampians Region of Victoria.

Recently, Change the World creative director Wayne Tindall spearheaded a campaign in the Grampians region of Victoria working with the Victoria Police Violence Against Women and Children Strategy Group. This is a public awareness campaign targeting family violence and sexual assault within the Aboriginal community.

The objectives of the Indigenous Family Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign are to:
• improve relationships between the local Indigenous community and Victoria Police;
• increase community awareness and understanding of the impacts of family violence and sexual assault;
• identify strategies for victims of family violence and sexual assault;
• achieve increased reporting of family violence by Aboriginal communities and in the longer term, provide an overall reduction of the incidence of violence ?and sexual assault against women and children in these locations; and
• engage with the Aboriginal community in order to identify local issues specific ?to family violence and sexual assault.

The campaign was managed by Victoria Police but the four television commercials were developed by Wayne Tindall working with NBS Productions and in partnership with local Aboriginal communities in the Grampians Region to ensure they are responsive to local issues. Once again the results have been outstanding with local people fronting the commercials with astounding frankness and power. The advertisements are currently airing across this part of Victoria.

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