Loft Membership Director Luanne Withee stars in our latest Building For The Future campaign video.

What is Building For The Future?
Building For The Future is a campaign to raise $2.5M in order to deliver a superior film-going experience by expanding The Loft, updating technology, and making the entire facility fully accessible.

Why bring The Loft up to date?
The Loft must invest in new digital equipment—both projection and sound—because technology is significantly changing for the first time since talkies replaced silent film. The Loft is going to continue to show great films, both new and classic, so we have to adapt to this change. Although we are adding digital technology, The Loft is dedicated to showing 35mm prints whenever they are available. We need to return to the days when films were shown on reel-to-reel projectors, which will allow us to borrow prints from archives and studios, preserving and improving our ability to show films on film for years to come.

Building for The Community
Based on statistics from our Sundance Art House colleagues, adding a third screen to The Loft will increase revenue exponentially. It will also provide the extra space and time for twice as many community collaborations, including film festivals and special screenings. These partnerships help local organizations increase awareness, raise funds and promote good causes that bring the community closer together.

Division of Dollars
$870,000 Land & Building Acquisition
$950,000 New Construction
$350,000 Renovation
$330,000 Technology

Only one way—with YOUR help! And your friends! And heck, even your casual acquaintances! People who love The Loft! People who love movies! People who love Tucson!

We hope to break ground in November, in time for the Loft Film Fest and our 40th anniversary celebration.

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