Two months ago we set out for a weeklong trip to Yosemite National Park. Inspired by Sheldon Neill, Colin Delehanty (Yosemite) and naturally Tom Lowe (TimeScapes), I got hold of a Stage Zero Timelapse Dolly so I could try to take a few time-lapse shots of the breathtaking landscape in the park. I soon discovered that one week is not nearly enough time for a meaningful project and therefore decided to make my time-lapse debut at home in the Ore Mountains in the Czech Republic, in the very heart of Europe.

Nearly every day for the entire summer I set off with my camera to the local mountains to try to capture moments that we don't ordinarily perceive as anything special, but which are in their very essence quite exceptional.

Thanks to this project, this summer was filled with the most meaningful experiences -- and I never had to leave my country. I discovered some beautiful spots I hadn't known before; I was often in the wilderness before the break of dawn, saw many animals in their natural habitat, witnessed stunning sunsets and fled looming storms with my equipment over my shoulders.

I didn't manage to capture everything as I would have wanted, but I came away with several good catches such as the swift approach of a mountain storm and a Perseid meteor shower from the comet Swift-Tuttle, which passes the Earth once every 130 years.

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Director, cinematographer, editor: Roman Nemec
Music composers: Jonathan Geer & Jonathan Adamich (licenced by NEO Sounds LLC)

Filmed by Canon EOS 5D Mark II in the Ore Mountains (Czech Republic), 2012 July / August

Stage Zero Timelapse Dolly by Dynamic Perception

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