"SMILE, please..."
People & Places Reel 2010-2012
2 years in 2 minutes

Maggie Olkuska // Copenhagen

All filmed and edited by me, mostly on Canon DSLR cameras.
Only some of the Places: Copenhagen, Silkeborg, Amager, Lolland, Roskilde - Denmark, Saas-Fee - Switzerland, Gdansk - Nienaszow, Poland, Kläppen - Sweden, Hemsedal - Vierli, Norway...

Some of the people: Simon Hemmingsen, Laura Møller, Claige Ngamije, Andrea, Simon V, Frederik, Gian, Morten S, Simon P, Mads Rolsted...

Film-making and film production is a great journey! Between years 2010 and 2012, I have visited many countries, met wonderful people, learned many lessons, and got some shots on my camera, which i wanted to share. Film-making can make you smile, can trigger emotions and take you to another world.
Enjoy the short reel, and do what you love!

All rights reserved by the artists:Wil-roam.
Website: ibreakstrings.com
Purchase the song here: itunes.apple.com/ca/album/remember-to-breathe-single/id483248053
No commercial use. I have no claim to ownership of this song. I am using it under the Fair Use act of 1976, with no intention of monetizing this video. A sample of Copyrighted material was used for illustration of an idea (of "emotions") and reproduced in order to memorialize camera operator's private experience.

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