A week ahead of London Fashion Week, a group of creatives in London are preparing to expose the inequalities of the fashion industry with an alternative take on the traditional forms of protests.

For Sarah Corbett, the founder of the Craftivists' Collective, has designed protest banners stitched with her very own hands that bring an element of 'fun' to activism.

"We want to fight for a fashion industry that's beautiful in every way and not just in the final clothes," says Sarah, as she shows off her creations alongside her photographer.

Sarah hopes to test the subtlety of the stunts as an alternative to breaking the law or being rebellious.

"We don’t like having to be sneaky and were pretty nervous going inside in case someone asks us what we are doing. But in the name of fashion justice we want people to pluck up the courage, try to look as fashionable as we could and walk in to Somerset House like we were part of the fashion industry," she explains.

The test was surprisingly easy. The chosen location was the fashionable King's Road in Chelsea, where Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is often spotted making 'high street' purchases.

Just past the well-dressed upper middle class taking their lunch breaks at the Duke of York Square, Sarah managed to find a lamp post just outside Reiss where she quickly put up her banner.

"No one told us off," she said.

"It looks pretty. Hopefully lots of people see it over the next week and it provokes some thought & conversation."


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