Please note this was created as a camera TEST for us to learn the FS700 and we filmed with out even reading the manual and having the cameras for less than 24 hours. We learned a lot and I hope you enjoy!
There are some overexposed shots in here, trust the zebra! Will try and fix when I do a proper color grading.

When a Sony FS700 shows up after you have been waiting for it on back order what do you do with it in the first 24 Hours?

Well you load up your camera and gun gear and head to the shooting range to film slow-mo gun stuff of course!

I had to step out from behind the camera on this one to get us some good firearm shots. It was funny to be in front of the camera and calling out shutter speed reminders every time we switched frame rates, directing and making sure the set was safe since the camera guys could only shoot back with the FS700's and no live rounds :)

What a blast working with Jason and Derek on this test project. I think we all came away with a lot more knowledge of how to use the FS700 and how to make the slow-mo workflow a reality in the field.

This is my first proper video camera since I have just been using the 5D and 7D. A lot of the DSLR knowledge translates directly into using this camera, but there are some learning curves too.

Shot with QTY 2 Sony NEX-FS700's
Canon 50mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8 IS II, 70-200mm 4.0, 24-105mm 4.0
Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

This was shot in PP6 and just had the CineLut with some light grading in Magic Bullet added to it to get a quick version out.

A Film By:
Jon Minnihan (A guy with an FS700 & Guns)
Jason Prisk (jasonprisk.com)
Derek Arwood (Crevo Visual Media)

Music: Bernini’s Angels Original Orchestral Version by Kerry Muzzey (themusicbed.com)

Lots more to come this was just the first day with my new FS700.


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