The problems of name-calling, harassment, intimidation, and emotional hostage taking, defined as bullying, has now become evident in our societies at an almost epidemic level -- negatively impacting the lives of schoolchildren and adults on a mass scale.

The Scary Guy and Hibster have partnered their services bringing together the innovative and highly successful programs that they both offer, providing -- the first of its kind -- a comprehensive solution for schools, corporations, and entire communities to successfully identify, track, report, then respond to using powerful educational tools to ultimately eradicate the challenges of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

Hibster brings the software package specializing in incident management, this user-friendly tool offers your school a chance to meet the requirements of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) while saving hours of your day and money in your budget; collecting, organizing, evaluating and generating reports for the incidents that occur, providing your establishment with a clear picture of what is happening, allowing you to focus precisely on what needs to be done.

The Scary Guy brings the emotional intelligence education solution that will equip your students, staff, parents and community members with tangible skills on a cognitive level - empowering them to no longer be a victim of the negative energy that others produce around them. The theories and concepts that Scary shares will allow your school to create a fundamental ethos change in the human communication and behavior patterns and profile of its community.

The Scary Guy HIBhub Online Community provides an active online network of support as a place where victims of bullying may reach out, express themselves without anxiety, and through complete anonymity, discuss particular incidents, ask questions about bullying, seek advice on how they should handle a situation, or educate themselves with emotional intelligence education videos and supportive reading material.

These powerful organizations have come together -- The Scary Guy with HIBhub Online Community and Hibster Incident Reporting Program Partnership -- to provide you with a focused, exciting, innovative and effective solution -- a structure through which your school can lead the way to establishing and sustaining a positive human communication and behavior model, which will serve as a solid foundation for an emotionally healthy community.

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