This is an animation for the new A-Class of Mercedes. It was shown within a big fassadeprojection in vienna on the day of presentation of the new car just on that evening. The fact that the car is the only moving thing in this city was wanted by the client. I think it has something special anyway. "The new car should be brought from future to present." When the car arrived in the big hall at the end it disappeared on the screen and apeared in reality in front of the audience. It was a nice effect. In original Animation the lights went out one after another. After composing the music for this animation some ideas of making a filmtrailer out of it came in to my mind. So when there is time i will make one.
Music isn´t the original music anymore. New music was composed by Nikolaus Vuckovic @immortal-arts. Whole Film made by Nikolaus Vuckovic @immortal-arts.

Cinema 4D, Vray,

Timeframe: 3 Weeks

Clients: Mercedes, Boessfilm, ACTS

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