A musical short film produced by Yapper Design. We worked with inexperienced people to give them the chance to participate in a professional indie film production. The song and the scenario was written from the ground and after one full year of pre-production we managed to bring this together.

"The story is about a young businessman who's being faced by its past. There he sees himself as a young boy. His mother taught him how to play music and be creative, unfortunately she died that same day. When his dad needs to raise his boy alone, he forces him to stop making music and to forget his mother. Lucas, the young businessman made a wrong choice."

Enjoy life with your family, the music that brings people together and the creativity that makes your emotions flow. That is the message we want to bring with this short film.

-1-Eigen project-x-
-2-Eigen productie-x-
-3-Begeleiding, camera en montage-x-
-4-De vereniging Yapper Design, dat ik in 2008 heb opgericht, heeft met grote steun van gemeente Zonhoven en Fusemedia deze muzikale kortfilm kunnen produceren. Onder mijn begeleiding help ik geïnteresseerde jongeren een functie uit te voeren binnen een filmploeg.-x-

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