Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera during Notting Hill carnival 2012.

I was keen to shoot something with the camera in the very first few days of getting one and decided to brave shooting for a few hours at Notting Hill carnival. I took just a single Canon EF-S 17-55mm lens and the camera stripped down with no external support or additional gear except for a vari-fader for exposure. I like minimalist camera configurations, especially when filming in big crowds and trying to attract as little attention as possible. This seemed a good test for the BMCC as it's an approach I used to adopt when shooting video with DSLRs and so gives a good comparison of the camera formats.

N.B. I'd recommend downloading the file for anyone who wants to pixel peep as it was encoded to a high bit rate which looks very close to the master ProRes file.

The carnival footage was filmed in 2.5K RAW mode and the tube footage filmed in ProRes Film later as pickups to accompany the text. Resolve 9 was used for both a dailies workflow to ProRes (proxy) for editorial and later for a basic primary grade of the confirmed edit relinked to the RAW footage.

Many thanks to Andrew Philip for stitching together the shaky handheld footage into something of interest and substance.

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