Origins: Spring 2011
Nahmoo/Arbre by Kathleen Choi
4:18, video.

"So many of us today think that our fast-paced, urban society is disconnected from the world of nature we once loved. In the midst of our busy lives, we often times lose sight of the peace that the land gives us. However, through the perspective of a tall, aging tree, my work explores how we will always be connected with the natural world, our lives and actions weaved into the growth of the land. I want to promote environmental awareness, and how we need to maintain a balance between our current, ever-changing surroundings and our roots, the land we are inevitably tied to. Many people feel that despite of and because of our dependence on technology, we hold it in contempt. I want to disprove that common misconception of contemporary living. Poet Walt Whitman once said, "Be curious, not judgmental." Thus, I call my viewers to stop blaming modern society for ruining our natural connection to the earth, but rather be inquisitive and discover what we can do to sustain harmony."

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