You're in business; you know you have to advertise to get customers. But how do you know if your hard --earned advertising dollars is money well spent.
Hear this: Up to 50% of all advertising expenditure is wasted - this is a fact. Maybe it is time to revaluate your marketing plan.
Here at Alerts R Us we ask you one question. Is your marketing budget giving you the return you expect?
Well, we say: What if you could spend half as much and get the same or better results from your advertising dollars?
How would you feel about that?
You like traditional marketing... you mail drop, use radio, place newspaper adverts. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to see or hear your ad and your business, doesn't it?
But hey, business is not about feeling good it's about generating revenue. Right?
So how does it really feel to know that 50% of your ad dollars end up in the trash can: which half of your budget is trash and which half is working for you?
Don't cut yourself out of new, effective and powerful ways of making your advertising 100% more productive. Cost effective Internet marketing is way to go.
And there's more; we offer you direct training (face to face) and marketing support, by a dedicated person whom you will be able to contact , Social media marketing assistance and an attractive loyalty program Mobile app for your business plus much more.
And, Alerts R Us is revolutionising the industry right now!
You know, Business people just like you are up in arms. There's a revolution taking place and it's against traditional marketing and traditional internet marketing wastage.
Take those arms and shake hands on deals with the right audience.
Alerts R Us mission is simple: to make your advertising dollars work harder.
We do this by gathering data, developing your business intelligence and discovering, measuring and highlighting what works, and more importantly what doesn't.
Alerts R Us ensures your marketing budget Generates Revenue while saving you money: it's cheaper and easier.

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