Exhibition in GAMU gallery in Prague. Results of longterm project Camera Altera.

"Camera Altera" project is about the development of a sensory audio- visual tool. It is a compact apparatus equipped with a camera, microphone, sensors and additional components. It is a comprehensive tool that analyzes its environment and captures video and audio material in an autonomous way. It is very sensitive to light, temperature, humidity, sound, wind and relative air quality. It is able to perceive sensitive atmosphere of the place of its location. A number of processes and settings determines at what point and how the "Camera Altera" takes audiovisual diary entries. All the data are also evaluated and the recording system includes feedback. The device studies the "quality" of its user ́s environment, watching extreme, static and significant changes as well as stagnation in the measured values. Their analysis then subsequently decide at what intervals the camera starts again.
The project has its ecological and social aspects. It calls for the alternative ways of measuring the quality of the environment and encourages artists to comment on this issue. It also demonstrates against consumerism of technical apparatus dictating normalized function and aesthetics.
An important factor is that Camera Altera is a personal tool. User creates a special relationship to it. It becomes a part of his environment. Its consequences are changing then. Sketchy recordings of the day, stored in a “magic box” acquire another dimension. Ideally Camera Altera makes evening screenings through a small hole or whispers an ambient broadcasting. The profile itself depends primarily on how the Camera Altera is used, what creative potential and importance it gains.

Project was realised within the frame of SGS grant in CAS FAMU.

Cooperation in programming with Peter Morihladko

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