En las cuencas mineras se dice que la mina es mucho más que un trabajo: tanto te da de comer como te puede quitar la vida. Hoy, el futuro de estas cuencas pinta más negro que el carbón que se extrae.

Black Future es un proyecto foto-documental en el cual quiero contar la vida en las cuencas mineras a través de testimonios dejados por las mujeres mineras. El proyecto está en curso y se terminara con un audiovisual (fotografías, textos y audios) y con un catálogo impreso.
Puedes participar en su producción, apoyando lo a través de campaña de crowdfunding - "Black Future" is an ongoing project - if you want to support it please visit: verkami.com/projects/3047-black-future

In May 2012 the Spanish government decided to cut by 63% the subsidy to the coal mining industry. At the same time, the quantity of coal that Spanish mines were allowed to sell to power stations was reduced by almost a half.
While extracted coal lies abandoned in the fields, tonnes of coal are imported from abroad under conditions and for reasons that seem difficult to understand.
Many other issues remain uncovered by mass media, like embezzled miners' funds, unlawful working hours and working conditions.

Some regions of Asturias are practically dependent on the mines, directly or indirectly. No other jobs are available there, and entire families depend on the mines. Therefore, if the Spanish government maintains those drastic decisions these region will collapse economically.

In this project, miners' wives offer their view of the whole story. The project is ongoing, and the finalization is planned for this autumn.

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